Hedging and Walling

Local Competition

The Llanthony Valley and District Show Hedging Match and Stone Walling Competition is held annually in the autumn. The exact date and location changes from year to year


Spectators Welcome

The competition is a chance for local craftsmen (and women) to show off their talents. Novices, professionals, and aspiring youngsters alike, can all display their skills. With local and open classes, all competitors are welcome, contact:
Mr C Passmore 01873 890 359 (Walling)
Mr M Egerton 01873 890 448 (Hedging).


Class 1

Farmer's Hedge (18 yrs and under)  |  Open
Trophy: Vere Smith Trophy

Class 2

Farmer's Hedge (Novice)  |  Open
(not having won a first prize in any hedging competition)
Trophy: Graham Smith Memorial Cup

Class 3

Young Farmer's Hedge (under 25)  |  Open
Trophy: Lanthony Valley and District Show Society

Class 4

Farmer's Hedge  |  Open
Trophy: Matthew Knight Memorial Trophy

Class 5a

Dry Stone Wall  |  Open
Trophy: The Greg Paton Memorial Trophy

Class 5b

Dry Stone Wall(Novice)  |  Open
(not having won first prize in any walling competition)

Class 6*

Dry stone wall built in the local area in past 5 years
Trophy: Mr and Mrs Godfrey Williams Challenge Cup

Class 7*

Mortar wall built in local area in past 5 years
Trophy: The Joshua Cup

*Classes 6 and 7 judged prior to event - photos of entries and results will be displayed in the refreshment tent


1st £50  |  2nd £30  |  3rd £20

Special prizes for:

Best local £25 | Youngest (under 19 years) £25 | Best regrowth from previous year £40 (Cup donated by John Williams)

Attendance money for non-prize winners  £10

The Llanthony Valley and District Show Society would like to thank:

  • All Sponsors for their financial support
  • Match committee and judges for their time and effort
  • Mr Douglas wright for the photographic displays

Click here for full competition rules